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1. Must own a working and connected iPhone (androids unacceptable). 2. Must own a tripod compatible for cellular phones. 3. Must have a unrestricted Facebook account. 3. Must have reliable transportation. 4. Must have some experience in videography or filmography. 5. Must have formal business attire. 6. Must have battery bank for extended phone life. 7. Must speak English. 8. Failure to have any of the above disqualify you from working with ETV. 9. IF YOU FAIL TO BRING ALL YOUR EQUIPMENT DURING AN EVENT YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE WITHOUT WORKING. 10. If you are not sufficiently oriented with training and operating Switcher Studio during an event you will be asked to leave. PLEASE DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME!
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We use Switcher Studios for all of our events. If you aren’t familiar with this application please download the app now by clicking Switcher Studio
Your First Live Broadcast with Switcher Studio
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All payments are done electronically every Wednesday. We use Cash App, PayPal, or Apple Pay. If you don’t have either we suggest you create an account now and submit your payment option.
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The Filmography Of Encourager TV
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Welcome To Encourager TV LLC created by Dr. Herbert J. McClain. You have applied to work as a contractor for Encourager TV as a videographer—making $25 an hour. Before we move forward the following is required in order to work for us:
Once you have completed watching all five training videos click the red button below to send a message to Dr. Herbert J. McClain state, “you’re ready for your on the job training (OJT).” *Once you have complete your OJT then you will be able to shoot events and make some easy money.
How to use Multi-views in Switcher Studio
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