You got to be careful who you allow in your circle. As God continues to exalt me I’ve noticed that I am shrinking my circle. You cannot have just anybody speaking into your ear. Definitely when you are in a position of leadership whereby hearing the voice of God is of first importance. I’ve noticed some people like to run back to me and tell me what they heard on Facebook or what this person said about me. The truth of the matter is I really don’t care what they are saying. My focus is on God, advancing the kingdom of God and communicating to those whom God has entrusted into my care as a leader. If you get busy doing what God has called you to do you will not have time to listen to the negativity and you will not haphazardly pass it on thinking that you’re doing a good thing. I am in my own lane. I am in my own category. I have my own anointing to do what God is called me to do. I will continue to do what God is called me to do as my circle shrinks smaller and my influence gets greater in the community. Herbie Mac - Dr. Herbert J. McClain #PWFC 
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